A PlayStation fans take on the Xbox One

Well let me start off by saying that in all fairness, Microsoft said that the presentation was going to focus on the reveal and its TV features. With that being said I still can’t get over just how little of the press conference was about games. A smattering of Forza, a smidge of Fifa and a sprinkling of Call of Duty were all that was present. Again, to be fair Microsoft said they will focus on games at E3 but a new games console should focus on the games. Sure Sony didn’t show the system at the reveal, but they sure as hell had the games.

The main thing that the Xbox One presentation focused on was its integration with TV and extra services. Video calling on Skype, web browsing on Internet Explorer and dynamically switching from games to movies etc are all very cool, but these are things that modern super expensive smart TVs can do, albeit not very well. Also, if you don’t have cable or satellite TV (like me) does that mean over half of the reason to get the thing is immediately redundant?

When Sony showed off the PS4 we had gameplay from Killzone, Watch Dogs, Knack and Drive Club with in-engine footage of infamous and Destiny. We were also told about how using Gaikai and an all new PlayStation Network we could stream games to our Vita (if you own a Vita, which you most likely don’t) and the console will let us play games as they’re downloading. With Xbox One we were shown no gameplay, some renders, a live action trailer and some videos of a team making a game. Even the most hardened Xbox fan would have to admit that this presentation was just a little dull. The Call of Duty demo didn’t work either; it didn’t have a clear focus. Was the game demo about the technology behind it or was it about how it resonates into an emotional development with the game? The Call of Duty was like the rest of it, no focus and too much toing and froing.

For better or worse Xbox is now a brand that focuses on a device that is all things to all people. And that’s fine, I just wish one of its main things was still the games.

As ever let us know what you think and happy gaming!



  1. I do agree in part, but I just plain hate the Xbox One already. I wrote a whole post on the new Xbox One, and all my college classmates were talking about the new console this morning.


    1. I don’t hate it, I’m just severely underwhelmed by it. The presentation clearly wasn’t aimed at core gamers.

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