The Joys Of Blogging

All this week over on my personal blog I’ve set myself the gauntlet of writing a game review each day. It’s been pretty fun and an awful lot more challenging than I had first thought, not only in choosing which games to talk about but also I wanted to make sure I didn’t say the same things about each game nor did I want to simply say what is already out there. I wanted to put a bit of my personality into them, to show off what how I viewed them and what affect they had on me.

So when it came to writing my article this week for OHO I wanted to steer well clear of gaming but still wanted to talk about something personal. It took me ages and ages to think up a suitable topic but whilst staring at my empty Pages document it hit me, I’ll talk about the thing that every one of you reading this loves doing, blogging.

I recently undertook a post-grad course to make myself more employable and has (hopefully, providing all goes well) resulted in a placement with a media group. During my time doing the graduate course I found out just how beneficial it is to write a blog. I had always known that writing a blog showed that you could demonstrate your ability to write and showed off that you were able to present a point of view in a well thought out and well written way, but I had never really truly embraced the concept.

This blog, as you may have noticed, is called ‘Our Humble Opinions’. A quick look through any given topic on WordPress will show you just how many blogs want to compete with the established press. I’m a lifelong gamer who regularly reads sites like ign and GameSpot so it really surprises me when I look through the gaming section of WordPress only to see blog after blog that focuses on the same gaming news stories. The joy of OHO is that second ‘O’. This blog is purely about opinions, it doesn’t matter what you want to write about, just as long as you have a stance on it. I don’t know about you but when I want to read a blog, a site written by a hobbyist, I want to read about their take on a topic that is near and dear to them, not the same news story that I’ve probably already read on a site that I’ve got bookmarked.

Blogging is a great way to show off not only your skills to the world, but also your opinions and values. So I want to leave you with a simple request; when you write a blog, make sure its a reflection of your personality. If you’re using a blog as a gateway to a career then that’s a great thing but potential employers won’t be interested in the fact you can write a news story, they want to see what you think. Anyone can write a standard issue news story, but only you can talk about it in your unique way.

P.s. Apologies for shamelessly plugging my own blog at the beginning, but you can’t really blame me now can you.


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  1. You actually have a very good point. For the past 2 years, I’ve believed that all news media should be unbiased, because I felt that the major news outlets had a role in manipulating people’s beliefs to their side. Impartiality is a must when reporting the facts, but when talking about something that’s a matter of opinion, what’s the point of not having a slant?

    I don’t mind you plugging your own blog. Hell, I’ve heard it’s a good way to promote the site. I wrote a similar site that does game reviews. It’s right here:

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