Monthly Archives: June 2013

Pokemon Gold/Silver Review

So…It’s been a few weeks since I wrote a blog on OHO. Today I’m going to look at a game that is almost singlehandedly responsible for my lack of memory of 2001. Today I’m talking about Pokemon Gold. Pokemon Gold and Silver had sold over 23,000,000 copies between them as of 2010 and possibly more […]

Summer: The Silly Season of Sport

So we’re well into what many call ‘silly season’ in the football calendar – i.e. when the transfer window is open. There are two reasons for this name: firstly everyone makes up silly rumours about transfers to every club under the sun, and secondly clubs pay very silly prices in these transfers (but that’s a […]

Sympathy for Aquaman

So there’s been a lot of superhero themed articles going out here the last few weeks, and rightly so since a) we’re all geeks, and b) there’s been a LOT of superhero movies out in the last year or so! Think about it, Avengers Assemble, The Dark Knight Rises, Iron Man 3 and now Man […]

Really, why is Superman Popular?

I think its safe to say that currently we are in the middle of a boom in the Superhero genre of movies. I’m not complaining, I enjoy a well-done Superhero movie very much (but they can be absolutely awful when they’re not *cough* Green Lantern *cough*[ID1] ). But one thing has been irritating me lately and […]

Matt’s humble opinion on E3 2013

So, it’s that time of the year again, It’s E3! That means that the juggernauts of gaming come out swinging with the latest and greatest that they have to offer. This year was extra exciting as both Microsoft and Sony would be making further announcements of their next gen consoles. On top of that both […]

OS X Mavericks and iOS 7

Yesterday was the perfect day for nerds who like press conferences. We had Apple, Microsoft, EA, Ubisoft and Sony all doing their little “Look at me!!” bits in the space of a few short hours. At the time of writing however I’ve only seen Apple’s one (I saw a bit of the Microsoft one, I’ll […]

Are Sitcoms All the Same?

If you know me well then you know I love a good sitcom. Well, actually depending on your view I could love a bad sitcom – its all subjective I guess. This is something that really interests me; learning about the specific sitcoms people like and don’t like (I know, I’m pretty odd), despite the […]