A British Whinge About The Weather

I’m going to use my article for the blog this week to talk about the weather, you read that right. This week is the first week of June, it is also the start of something known as summer, as I am in the northern hemisphere. Yes, it is a time of many great things; music festivals, ice-cream and the MPs all taking a well deserved break from messing up the country.

The thing is though, I hate summer. I used to be rather on the chunky side, so I’d always get hot. And the thing with getting hot is that its actually really hard to cool down, especially at night. In the winter you can put an extra blanket on or turn the radiator up, but at summer you have to just lie there, wishing the sun would stop shining through the curtains and that you could finally fall off to the land of dreams.

One of the ways that I’ve managed to lose weight is by going on walks, and if there’s one thing I’ll concede, it’s that walks are better in the summer. The sun is out, cows moo a little more and all the lovely butterflies and bees greet you as you accidentally stand on their snail friend. Plus there’s the smell of the flowers and the freshly cut grass; we all like the smell of freshly cut grass. Yes, there is no downside to being outdoors when the sun is shining away.

Scratch that last bit, turns out there is a downside. Other people. You can’t enjoy a lovely stroll through the park or by the river, because people are there (usually with children) shouting away, playing loud music and just generally getting in the way. During my degree I learned that in summer there is a far greater chance of fights breaking out than in winter. The reasons are threefold; 1: having more people out just naturally increases the chances of people fighting (if no one is out, no one can fight). 2: people consume more alcohol when it’s hot. Whilst a beer is refreshing in the sun, drunk people are more aggressive. And finally, 3: the higher temperature makes people naturally more agitated and confrontational. It’s not uncommon for all three of those things to happen at once as well (a crowded party on a hot summers day, with people consuming refreshing beers).

The final reason I hate the summer is that it makes me realise how badly I want a private swimming pool. Sure, one day of the sun is glorious, but by the end of day 5 you really want a dunk in a secluded swimming pool, away from the general masses. The sun being out naturally makes you feel more positive, you can’t get SAD in summer after all! But it does make me sad (see what I did there) when I look at my garden and there is not beautiful pool of crisp, clear water in sight.

So there, summer is upon us. Unless you’re a schoolchild, in which case your half term holiday was overcast and rainy. Isn’t it weird how the weather knows exactly when people are off so it can (literally) rain on their parade, only to be beautiful as soon as people are stuck indoors once again? Be sure to check back in December when I’ll say why I dislike winter too.



  1. New England weather is just like old England weather. Except it’s colder and snowier in the winter and steamy with tropical downpours in summer. Fall is gorgeous … or would be if not for the hurricanes. Spring is iffy. Usually it just stays cold until one afternoon in late May, the temperature goes up 50 degrees. I can never quite male up my mind which is the worst. It’s a hard call šŸ™‚

    1. Autumn (fall for you US types) is my favourite time of year, but then again we don’t get hurricanes in the North West of England so I can understand why it might be a bit different for you.

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