Sympathy for Aquaman

So there’s been a lot of superhero themed articles going out here the last few weeks, and rightly so since a) we’re all geeks, and b) there’s been a LOT of superhero movies out in the last year or so!

Think about it, Avengers Assemble, The Dark Knight Rises, Iron Man 3 and now Man of Steel. That’s a lot of lot of superhero movies in a short(ish) space of time, and they’ve all been well received, which makes a change. Usually I find superhero movies are very divided in opinion and can be a bit hit and miss, but the general consensus is that the recent attempts have been very good! Personally I can vouch for all except the most recent, as I’m yet to see Superman’s latest outing.

With all this ‘hero’ this and ‘super crime fighting vigilante teams’ that, it makes me feel a little sorry for all the less popular superheroes that the media forget about. Yes Spider-Man was left out of The Avengers, but he had just had a reboot. I’m gonna focus on the one superhero who I feel takes a lot of undeserved stick, and is unfairly neglected in the superhero media, if you like. That’s right, Aquaman!

See, even his name isn’t that impressive, bless him. He’s the best hero for any crime that occurs in the sea, and yet he’s the butt of all jokes in superhero fandom. Let’s be honest, there aren’t many crimes that need superhero attention outside of major US cities, let alone off of the mainland, so his opportunities don’t come around too often. But nonetheless he should be proud of his powers. Most superheroes don’t exactly get to choose their power, so it’s not his fault he drew the short straw.

Now for a little detour. Remember when the highlight of your weekend was waking up early on Saturday to watch cartoons? Just me? *sigh* Well A few Saturdays ago I woke up early and had a craving to watch cartoons and recapture a little youth (a little sad at 22 I know). Anyway I saw an episode of Justice League, in which the bad guy’s secret lair was on a mysterious remote island. So naturally Aquaman and his assorted strike force of seas creatures relished the chance to swim to the island and defeat him. And then, just as they got close, the island (I kid you not) took off and flew away! The look in Aquaman’s eyes as Batman took off after the villain in his Batwing was sad, but also priceless. His time to shine was so close, but yet again it wasn’t to be. I guess everyone’s embraced the fact that Aquaman’s not the most useful superhero. And funny as it may be, it doesn’t feel right.

Maybe its because I love to root for the underdog, but personally I would love Aquaman to finally get his break, and have an kick ass role in The Justice League movie that is bound to be made at some point. Having said that I can’t see an ‘Aquaman Origins’ film being all that great. I mean, who exactly is he going to save the world from? Sharks? Scuba divers? See now I’m even teasing him – it’s a slippery slope. But seriously, I hope he gets his break soon, because given the right actor to play the part and embrace the humour element of the character, I think he could be a fans’ favourite.



  1. You know, I think people should give Aquaman a chance. He’s a good playable character in Injustice: Gods Among Us, and he’s barely been given any attention. I’m beginning to think that he may be better than Superman, probably because Superman has become the stereotypical superhero. If an Aquaman movie does come out, I think it should focus his adventures in Atlantis, therefore ignoring the whole Arthur Curry story arc. Seriously, it’d make a good fantasy movie.

  2. Joe Topliffe · · Reply

    You could be right there. I’ve been hesitant over the whole Atlantis adventures film, simply because of my lack of knowledge on it, but as proven in recent years if done right origins films can be first class (pun not intended)

  3. Seriously time to start a petition for an Aquaman movie.

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