Summer: The Silly Season of Sport

So we’re well into what many call ‘silly season’ in the football calendar – i.e. when the transfer window is open. There are two reasons for this name: firstly everyone makes up silly rumours about transfers to every club under the sun, and secondly clubs pay very silly prices in these transfers (but that’s a rant for another time).

If you’ve ever been on a transfer section of a sports site, or a football related forum you’ll notice that everyone claims to know a guy who knows a guy who works at such and such FC who overheard that so and so will be signing for their team.

Of course the majority of the time this is all complete rubbish. As a reader you know its going to be a load of baloney (that’s right, I said baloney), but without your Saturday afternoon fix of football through the summer you take whatever football entertainment you can get. Sometimes a little light hearted wishful thinking is entertainment enough. Someone saw Messi in an Asda carpark in Liverpool? Its all fun and games, and there are the odd ones that turn out to be real, in which case you feel like a hero for knowing about it before the public announcement.

But in all seriousness, this time of year is a bit boring for football fans. There’s only so many transfer rumours you can hear before you go insane and eagerly count down the days to the start of the next season (and the most exciting day of silly season – transfer deadline day!). International competitions just don’t seem to cut it anymore. Thank goodness for Wimbledon is all I can say. The couple of weeks in summer where everyone suddenly remembers how much they love tennis (and oddly how much of an expert and critic they are) Like I said, silly season…

Its not like that though really. Wimbledon may be the only time the non-hardcore tennis fans really get excited, or even interested in the sport, but that’s ok. Its a special occasion, and its summer; everyone’s a bit delirious from all the heat… is that tumbleweed moving across the screen?

Yeah, summer’s a bit of a crazy time for sports fans. The end of the football season leaves us wanting more sport, just as it gets to peak sporting weather. So we cling onto the first sporting competition that comes along, and we stay there in bliss for a couple of weeks. Now don’t get me wrong, I like tennis anyway, and summer gives us a lovely break from the same old football week in week out. But there is something about Wimbledon that acts as a bit of a methadone for us football junkies, don’t you agree? Well, until next season starts and we go crazy for Saturday 3:00pm.


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  1. But we’re still in the middle of the baseball season. Take a deep breath. It’ll be fall soon enough. Too soon.

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