Top 5: Gaming endings


It’s time for another top 5. This week I’m going to explore the top 5 endings in video games. Before we start I’m going to warn you; this will contain spoilers. Well, by its very nature that’s what you would expect. If you clicked on this blog not expecting to find spoilers then I have very little sympathy for you. That’s a lie I feel bad that you can’t read well enough to notice the title. Anyway let’s get started…

5- Red dead Redemption

You play through the whole game as a man, who atones for his sins, to stop his family falling to them. In the end he makes the ultimate sacrifice for this quest and is killed. The game carries on from this point with his son seeking revenge for his father’s death. When he finds the killer he becomes everything his father wanted him to not be. The ending is both powerful and moving and illustrates how violence always leads to more violence.

4- Metal Gear Solid 3

After Snake battles Big Boss it comes to light that the traitor he was sent to kill wasn’t a traitor at all. Instead she was a puppet set up to remove any speculation of US involvement in the crisis. Knowing this, Snake must live with the memory that he did battle and defeated his mentor knowing that he was used by his own government. This is a great usage of cinematic storytelling that really adds layers of depth to the character involved.

3- Super Metroid

The ending of this game has everything: tension, suspense, revenge and tear jerking heartbreak. After baby is killed by mother brain, Samus collects the hyper beam and makes one final attack on mother brain, destroying it in the process. The battle leads to the activation of the planet’s self-destruct system, giving you three minutes to escape. The tension is off the chain!

2- A Link to the Past

It may not be anything flashy, or even groundbreaking, but the ending to A Link to the Past does its job very well. Every character that you encounter in your journey is given an explanation of what happened to them next. They even each wave at you. We then see Link place the Master Sword back in its resting place. Simple, yet massively effective. A lot of Hollywood films could benefit from this level of simplicity.

1-Ocarina of Time

This ending is simply amazing. Link beats Gannon and savse Hyrule. He replaces the Master Sword and is returned to a child. Once the credits finish rolling we cut back to Zelda and Link meeting for the first time (again). This time neither says a word and they just stare at each other. Both know what has happened and both know they now have a chance to live out their childhoods. This is a truly iconic gaming moment.

Any way that’s my list. What’s yours? Let me know in the comments.

By Matt Husselbury




  1. Joe Topliffe · · Reply

    The Walking Dead – sticks in my mind because I only played it recently. I became so invested in the story and the characters I found it truly moving. Also Half-Life 2: Episode 2 anyone?

  2. I don’t play these games … too busy, but I enjoy reading about them.They aren’t spoilers for me. They are like movie reviews 🙂

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