superman-batman-logo-SDCCListen! Listen very carefully. Do you know what that sound is? It’s the sound of millions of nerds simultaneously releasing seminal fluid into the lining of their pants. Why’s that you ask? Because they are making a Superman – Batman crossover film, that’s why. Who wouldn’t be excited for that? The answer to that question is nobody, nobody with the mental capability to have consciousness anyway.

Ever since I was a child and read my first Superman comic I’ve been drawn into the world of heroes. In the past I have explained my love of the man of steel in depth, so I won’t bore you with it here. But it was the Kryptonian hero who drew me in. Then I discovered Batman and my obsession grew. Batman was so much darker, and far more badass. And let’s be honest all a ten-year-old child wants is a badass to idolise. I kinda forgot about Superman in this period, and focused only on the Dark Knight. Things changed once again when I first watched the Justice League TV show. Suddenly I saw the chemistry between Superman and Batman. The two characters were fantastic together. Superman, though infinitely more powerful than Batman, saw him as an equal. And Batman, in turn saw Superman as an equal. The two compliment each other perfectly. It’s something to behold.

The relationship between these two is something I’ve longed to see on the big screen for a while, and I’m not alone. When rumours of a Justice League movie started everyone wanted to see a Superman – Batman crossover. The only thing is making it believable on screen. You see man of steel did a good job of grounding Superman and making him believable, however it also did a good job of showing us that he can eliminate an alien invasion on his own. With that being the case what threat will Superman face that he can’t beat on his own and need the help of the bat? Whatever the threat is, it needs to be slightly less than that which the league will face. So who will it be? Lex Luthor? Doomsday? Who knows? The thing is, with the film being a sequel to man of steel, one would assume the duo would face a rouge out of Superman’s gallery, but this doesn’t have to be the case. They could face off against one of Batman’s more dangerous foes, the League of assassins maybe, or even villain like hush. They could even throw us a curve ball and create an entirely new villain. The point is though they have to give us a solid reason for the team up.

The relationship between the characters is also important. Ideally (in my mind at least) Bruce Wayne should be in operation as Batman (let’s face it, do we really need a retelling of his origin?) he should be distrusting of Superman after the Metropolis incident from man of steel. Likewise Superman should be distrusting of this shadowy figure that has emerged. He sets off to investigate, we get an epic fight scene, only for the two to be forced to work together to eliminate a large threat. Then by the end of the movie the gain each others trust and the greatest bromance in history is born. Well that’s how I’d write it anyway.

The final thing is getting the casting right. With Bale saying he’s done with Batman and Joseph Gordon Levitt rumoured to be part of a Marvel production, They either need to cast someone similar, or (and this is hopefully what they do) ignore the Nolan universe and reboot Batman. If they do this they need to find somebody who has good cursory with Henry and will look believable in the suit. The movie will really rest on getting the right guy in the suit.

Right, let’s wrap this up. I’m super hyped for this movie. All we have seen is a logo and I’m this hyped, I dread to think what I’ll be like when I see a trailer! Anyway, that’s my thoughts. Let me know yours below.


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  1. Here is my commentary on it: I love DC heroes and have since I was a kid back in the dark ages. I have loved money (even most) of the movies, even the crappy ones.

    I am not worried about casting. There are plenty of people who could play the parts competently or better. If they have a script to work with and a director who knows what he’s doing. I’m not concerned about special effects, CGI, costumes, sets, budgets. I WANT THEM TO SPEND SOME MONEY ON A GREAT SCRIPT. You know. With a real plot, character development, more depth than you find in a teacup.

    THEN make sure the actors and the director make a GOOD MOVIE out of it. Good movie = good script, good acting, solid directing. Effects are there to AUGMENT and COMPLEMENT the script and acting, not replace it.

    Not just a flashy whiz bang spectacle that may be fun for its 2 hour run, but something I might want to watch more than once. A film that captures something essential about the characters and the story. I have loved so many decades. I don’t care about ANYTHING else. Just that. I don’t think it’s too much to ask, do you?

    I’m getting a bit touchy on the subject. Hollywood KNOWS how to make movies. They just don’t bother to make good ones. They think WE are morons and will buy into any crap they release. And we do. Every damned time.

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