Top 5: Gaming crossovers that should be made but haven’t been.

One fay I'll make a good banner.

One day I’ll make a good banner.

Do you ever get bored and think, “You know what I’d love to see Crash and the Pikmin in the same game”? No, well I do. So this week I’m going to look into the top 5 gaming crossovers that haven’t been made but should. Right, lets start this…

5-Crash Bandicoot/Kirby

Neo Cortex and King Dedede have teamed up to destroy the world. Together they plan to launch a device that will shatter the two worlds and allow for domination of both. As the device is launched Kirby and Crash are unleashed into each others worlds. As they fight for a way back, they each learn of the plan, for destruction. The only way they can save their world is to save each others. After some confusion and soul searching the two finally make it to the evil duo and then fight them off with the power of teamwork.

4-Tomb Raider/Uncharted

The hunt for the Holy Grail is on. A mysterious man has collected the greatest adventurers from around the globe and offered a cash prize to first one to find the grail. In game you switch between both Drake and Lara as they hunt down the Holy Grail. Along they way they are attacked by the other hunters. Forced to work together to survive, the two bond. As they travel they realise that the man who hired them wants the grail for world domination. The two then work together to destroy the grail and stop the evil plans.

3- Pokémon/Metal Gear Solid

Picture this, A Metal Gear is mysteriously stolen from the military. The last time it was seen a strange humanoid creature with spoons was seen making it vanish. However it leaves behind a gateway to another world. At the same time Snake is on a mission to destroy the said Metal Gear and follows the creature into the portal. Once inside he finds himself in a strange world inhabited by people capturing small animals in balls. Snake has entered the Pokémon world. As the game progresses Snake discovers that Team Rocket have stolen the Metal Gear and plan to finally capture all the Pokémon using it. With Snake being the only person with knowledge of the weapon he is sent to the Team Rocket Hq to find and destroy it, by Professor Oak. Snake discovers that weapons don’t exist in this dimension and has to enlist the help of Pokèmon on his mission. With all the twists and turns you’d expect in a Metal Gear game,

Snake finally destroy the Metal Gear. As the portal back to his own world is about to close,

Snake decides to stay in the Pokéworld with the Pokémon he has befriended.

2-Infamous/Phoenix Wright

This reimagining of the events of the original Infamous starts much like the original. The bomb goes off with Cole in the center. However this time he is arrested and given Pheonix Wright as his defense lawyer. It’s up to Phoenix to investigate these happenings. Along the way he is faced with the many conduits that have awoken after the bomb, and the plague that has overtaken the city. With the help of Zeke, Wright begins to uncover evidence that Cole was set up. This leads to a tense courtroom showdown where Tesla is revealed to be the one behind the blast. Once this is revealed he begins to attack Cole and the two fight to the death. Once Tesla is defeated Wright explains to the court that Tesla was Cole from the future. Cole is found not guilty and they all live happily ever after…Until the beast attacks, but that’s for the sequel.

1-Super Mario Bros/The Last of Us

First off I’ve got to give credit to @idutton91 on this one, as it was his idea. The idea here is that once Joel has sentenced the human race to destruction, what happens next. Well, what if the Last of Us was a prequel to the Mushroom Kingdom? The only humans that are alive are descendants of Ellie, and they happen to be 2 princesses and 4 plumbers. Over time the infected have became slightly more civilised, due in part to an atom bomb that was dropped as a last resort and the mutations it caused. The bomb also lead to the creation of the kooper, goombas and the other Mario enemies. The game would be set just after the bomb was dropped and would follow a descendant of mario over his lifespan and show how the world around him changes. plus we would see the rise of king koopa, who turns happens to be immortal due to radiation exposure. Now tell me that’s a game you wouldn’t want to see.

Anyway thats the list. Feel free to add your own in the comments.

By Matt Husselbury



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  1. I highly doubt that the last three crossovers would work. Remember when Pokemon crossed over with the obscure strategy game “Nobunaga’s Ambition”? I don’t think it worked at all. Also, Mario and “The Last of Us” don’t mix on so many levels. Also, Infamous is too gritty to mix with a Japanese game.

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