Monthly Archives: September 2013

Saturday Night TV and the Alcohol Industry Conspiracy

Being a sad, single male in my 20’s Saturday nights should be the highlight of my week. They aren’t. You know why? Saturday night television; it’s enough to turn a man to drink. In fact, as I write this (on a Saturday night) I’ve almost got through an entire bottle of wine and it’s only […]

Reality TV: The Harsh Reality Of Life.

My god. One look at the television schedule and you are faced with unbelievable horrors. Between the mix of gritty and depressing programming, showing us the real effects of the economic recession, and the annoying and tedious barrage of “reality television”, showing us what we can “aspire” to be. Let’s be honest, is there any […]

PS+ = Win

In an effort to combat Matt’s evermore ranty blogs (though they are excellent to read), I’ve decided to use my slot to talk about something unashamedly joyous – PS+. For those that don’t know PS+ is a subscription service for those who own a PS3, PSVita or both. This little subscription (£40 per year, the […]

Is Cinema Getting Worse Or Am I Getting Too Critical

Recently I’ve experienced a great deal of disappointment when it comes to cinema. At the start of the summer I was disappointed by The Great Gatsby, then I was disappointed by Scary Movie V (given that my expectations were super low, it was an achievement), then I was disappointed by Iron Man 3, followed by […]