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PS+ = Win

In an effort to combat Matt’s evermore ranty blogs (though they are excellent to read), I’ve decided to use my slot to talk about something unashamedly joyous – PS+. For those that don’t know PS+ is a subscription service for those who own a PS3, PSVita or both. This little subscription (£40 per year, the […]

The Art of Video Games: Artistic Medium or Not?

What is art? Really what would you consider it to be? Would it be a painting that hangs on the walls of a gallery? A sculpture, carved of marble, adorning a great hall? Street art sprayed on the wall of a building? A bed left unmade? I could go on with this, so I’ll get […]

Going For Platinum

Last weekend I got my 17th platinum trophy on PSN. Now granted for a trophy addict 17 is decidedly ‘meh’, but for your average gamer 17 is quite a few. I also never go for the easy ones, I won’t just play a game for the plat, I have to really like a game to […]

Top 5: Gaming crossovers that should be made but haven’t been.

Do you ever get bored and think, “You know what I’d love to see Crash and the Pikmin in the same game”? No, well I do. So this week I’m going to look into the top 5 gaming crossovers that haven’t been made but should. Right, lets start this… 5-Crash Bandicoot/Kirby Neo Cortex and King […]

Top 5: Gaming endings

So… It’s time for another top 5. This week I’m going to explore the top 5 endings in video games. Before we start I’m going to warn you; this will contain spoilers. Well, by its very nature that’s what you would expect. If you clicked on this blog not expecting to find spoilers then I […]

MGS Does Not Need Remaking

Last week Hideo Kojima said that he’d like to see a developer use the new FOX engine to remake the original Metal Gear Solid for next-gen consoles. To this I say ‘NO!’. Now let me set the ground rules here. Metal Gear Solid is a masterpiece. It’s one of the most important landmarks in gaming […]

Xbox One and how to be dull

Last week Microsoft did something that was pretty expected, but equally as infuriating. Ever since the announcement of the Xbox One potential purchasers have been screaming left and right about the console’s restrictions on things like used games and the requirement that the user has to log in to Xbox Live at least once every […]