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Reality TV: The Harsh Reality Of Life.

My god. One look at the television schedule and you are faced with unbelievable horrors. Between the mix of gritty and depressing programming, showing us the real effects of the economic recession, and the annoying and tedious barrage of “reality television”, showing us what we can “aspire” to be. Let’s be honest, is there any […]

Top 5: Gaming related things that I want but can’t justify spending the money on

So… I haven’t written a solo blog in a bit; I’ve been busy with Two Nerds One Game and Gaming Hall of Fame, but this week I’m back, and it’s a top 5. I’ve rescued my ultra unique and original idea from Ian (after he stole it to write about PS1 games) and now I’m […]

Miniature Wargaming

Miniature wargaming is one of the greatest things a geek can do. I personally play a few games, Warhammer 40,000, Warhammer Fantasy, Malifaux, and X-Wing specifically, and I would just like to speculate for a minute as to why people like miniature war gaming so much, and why more people should be less hesitant to […]

Top 5: awful PS2 games that I happen to own for no apparent reason.

So…I’m going to take a break from my Zelda based love affair of the last few weeks (because I’m writing a GHoF about it). But any way this week I’m going to do a top 5. I’m going to do my top 5 awful games that I happen to own on the PS2 for no […]

Weekly Update

Here’s your weekly update from OHO Monday Alex reminisces about the technology he dreamed of as a child, some of the have come true, some of them not so much. So why oh why do people allow their language to slip, read on to find out. Tuesday Matt asked a question to you the readers […]

Weekly Update

Here’s your weekly update from OHO. Monday. Ian talks about the business of App Store gaming, how do games actually make money? He also reviews a brand new game from a friend of ours. Tuesday Josh continues his intro’s feature and talks about how education can be fun. There is also the obligatory references to […]

Weekly Update

Here is your weekly update on the topics we’ve been talking about this week on OHO. Monday Joe discusses the hit and miss world of movie adaptions. We all have our favourites and the ones we can’t stand, let us know what are yours in the comments section. Tuesday Matt talks about a brand new […]