So I haven’t written a post on here in a good while, sorry about that. Been busy, yada yada. Ok, so as you know I’ve been keeping tabs on the progress of Project Glass by Google, as its a pretty interesting concept, and has caused a divide in opinion for a number of reasons. Let’s […]

Fracking. Just saying the word brings a smile to my face. Thinking about what it actually means immediately wipes the smile away. Fracking (or ‘Hydraulic Fracturing’ as it’s known to people who don’t like funny sounding words) is a process of drilling down into the earth before a high-pressure water mixture is directed at the […]

What is art? Really what would you consider it to be? Would it be a painting that hangs on the walls of a gallery? A sculpture, carved of marble, adorning a great hall? Street art sprayed on the wall of a building? A bed left unmade? I could go on with this, so I’ll get […]

Last weekend I got my 17th platinum trophy on PSN. Now granted for a trophy addict 17 is decidedly ‘meh’, but for your average gamer 17 is quite a few. I also never go for the easy ones, I won’t just play a game for the plat, I have to really like a game to […]

Do you ever get bored and think, “You know what I’d love to see Crash and the Pikmin in the same game”? No, well I do. So this week I’m going to look into the top 5 gaming crossovers that haven’t been made but should. Right, lets start this… 5-Crash Bandicoot/Kirby Neo Cortex and King […]

Listen! Listen very carefully. Do you know what that sound is? It’s the sound of millions of nerds simultaneously releasing seminal fluid into the lining of their pants. Why’s that you ask? Because they are making a Superman – Batman crossover film, that’s why. Who wouldn’t be excited for that? The answer to that question […]

Don’t they grow up fast. Yes, the App Store is now a whopping 5 years old. That means it can now legally drink alcohol at home, whilst playing some apps, obviously. That being said, as history shows us, 5-year olds and apps really don’t mix. But enough of the silly jokes about bad parenting, let’s […]